Why you should upgrade your office furniture

Whether you feel like a change or your current office furniture is tired and worn, there has never been a better time to upgrade your workplace.

While some businesses never update their commercial layouts or even home office furniture, there are a number of affordable products on the market to accommodate your needs.

At Mercury Business Supplies we can supply various office furniture including the popular Rapidline range of height adjustable desks and chairs, storage and modern workspace solutions.

Why upgrade office furniture?

After the past few years there many businesses or home offices have been looking to upgrade their office furniture due to tax incentives or simply perhaps the way they work has changed. More staff may be working from home so the office layout is likely to change and maybe the business has pivoted to require a different fitout. As more people opt to work from home if practical, they are bringing the benefits of a commercial layout to their home with ergonomic chairs and desks now part of the home office.

Tired or worn furniture: The most common reason to upgrade office furniture would be because the current desks, chairs, cupboards or workspaces are getting older, damaged or becoming worn. Not only does that pose a safety issue, particularly with integrated wiring, but it also says a lot about your brand. If the first thing your potential or existing clients and customers see is tired and worn furniture in your reception area or office space, it may force them to judge your abilities and professionalism. You may want your business to appear to be contemporary and innovative but that perception is hard to achieve if your office furniture looks 20 years old and is beginning to fall apart or discolour.

New layout: Many businesses can easily change the layout of the office space without too much effort just by choosing different styles of chairs, desks or cubicles. They can be easily moved around to incorporate a more open plan design to allow for hotdesking and a scaled down workforce in the actual office. Many businesses have become collaborative so an open plan makes more sense for them as staff are less likely to be closed off in cubicles.

Refurbishment: It may seem more affordable to refurb some of your furniture and replace other components. The main issues that may arise are that while the new look may be beneficial for a while, it is still temporary so might end up being more cosmetic than anything functional.

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