School supplies checklist and how we can help

While you might have the uniforms and lunch boxes all sorted, school supplies can be a year round need so let’s take a look at what are must haves.

Some classes provide certain years with school supplies like pencils and crayons but as students progress through the grades, it is generally required to bring your own.

While textbooks and some materials may be provided by schools, it is up to parents and carers to supply a number of items during the school year.

It is likely you may have even received a list of school supplies from your teacher so here are some of the items a business like ours can supply when buying stationery in Longreach.

Popular products: Pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, highlighters, glue sticks: The most common items we supply are those used most like an array of pencil colours and sizes along with various erasers and pencil sharpeners. Need a blue, pink, green or yellow highlighter? Regular pencils for writing or fancy ones for art? We have you covered.

Pencil case: You need somewhere to keep all those pens and pencils safe so find the right size for your bag. A great tip is to make sure you can fit a 30cm ruler in one so you don’t have to store items separately and risk losing them or breaking them in the school bag. Make sure it can also be closed properly. There is nothing worse than your child getting home with the contents of their pencil case all spread through the bag because they had a dodgy pencil case.

Books, books and more books: Depending on the year your child is in, they will likely need numerous workbooks from creative writing to maths and art. Your list may include which books are part of your school supplies and which will be given by the school.

Other items: Depending on the year and school, as experts in stationery in Longreach we stock a number of products to meet your school supplies needs. You may need a protractor, compass, calculator, dictionary and thesaurus, computer supplies like ink or printers, laptops, storage devices, permanent markers, staplers and more.

So after picking up all the school supplies you need like drink bottles and sporting gear or musical instruments, be sure when shopping for stationery in Longreach to visit us because we have you covered for all your school supplies. And don’t forget to pick up a label maker while you’re here because you’ll probably have to put your child’s name on a lot of their school supplies too!

Call Mercury Business Supplies today on (07) 4658 3544. We also stock a large range of home and office equipment so consider us your one-stop shop for all stationery in Longreach and home, office and school supplies.