Is it time to upgrade your office computer?

An office computer is essential to both businesses and homes and we can’t afford for them to be out of action or sluggish for very long. Glitches and blank screens can be the sign of worrying things to come and not only can problems with your office computer affect the programs and software you use, but they can begin to affect productivity or worse, your business margins.

The team here at Mercury Business Supplies in Longreach has put together a helpful summary below of some of the signs it may be time for an office computer upgrade.

Signs to look out for

Whether you use a desktop or laptop there are a few signs which give a clue that your office computer is about to crash, or worse, die:

  • Frozen screen: Has your mouse stopped moving? Is your keyboard not responding? These can be early signs of a problem.
  • Poor performance: Does it take a long time to load software or move between programs? Sluggish office computers only tend to get slower.
  • Regular crashes: Your computer is trying to tell you something if you have regular stop errors—also known as the blue screen of death.
  • Loud fan: A fan working in overdrive can be a sign your computer is working too hard and about to cause you problems. Desktop computers in particular tend to collect a lot of dust which affects efficiency and can overheat the system.

Should I repair or replace?

While some computer problems can be easily diagnosed and repaired, the affordable cost of replacement and the fact that technology is always improving makes replacement a viable option. A computer upgrade gives you the option to add new software that may not be available on an older model. You are also getting a newer and faster machine that will improve performance and productivity.

How often should an office computer be replaced?

The lifespan of an office computer, depending on how well it is looked after, could be 3-4 years. So age also plays a part in your decision making. Having the minimum system requirements to run a software program is also important. Updated software isn’t always designed to work on older operating systems. Over time, as memory is used up and more software is added, a computer upgrade is imminent. There are also tax incentives for businesses who want an office computer upgrade.

Instant asset write-off

Eligible businesses can claim immediate tax deductions for purchases like an office computer or laptop. These items would traditionally have to be depreciated over a number of years but can now be written off in one amount. You can talk to a tax professional for details because rules change all the time but most businesses satisfy the turnover and threshold amounts to cover a computer upgrade. If you’re ready for an office computer upgrade, head into Mercury Business Supplies Longreach where we have a large range of desktop and laptop computers. If you have any questions, give us a call on (07) 4658 3544 and one of our friendly staff can help you.