How long should an office printer last before needing replacing?

Replacing an office printer is not something you have to do often if you follow a few basic rules when choosing the right device.

Whether looking for a Brother laser printer or a Toshiba multifunction device, knowing when to upgrade or replace your printing solution will depend on a few factors.

With proper usage and maintenance, a printer will usually last from 3 to 5 years depending on how often it is cleaned and the load it has on printing.

Reasons to upgrade your printer

Replacing an office printer might not only be down to its age and functionality but it might come down to the device no longer meeting your requirements. Maybe you now need a larger device which can print more pages per minute or more efficiently. Or you might require printing abilities in A3 size or one with larger storage trays. With a Brother laser printer or Toshiba multifunction device there is something to fit every need. Eventually all technology requires an upgrade due to software requirements or parts wearing over time so it should be at the top of mind to make your business run more efficiently because old and faulty machines can begin to impact on productivity. While you’re considering a printer upgrade, have a think about if it’s time to upgrade your office computer.

Signs you need a printer upgrade

While traditional ink jet printers may be capable of working well enough in a home office setting, laser printers are most common in an office with a heavy focus on printing lots of documents. A telling sign you need an upgrade is if you are spending more on ink cartridges than the cost of a new printer because as technology improves, it is often more efficient to upgrade to a printer with a better page yield per cartridge. Here is a helpful guide to buying toner and ink cartridges. Poor printing quality or slower printing is also a sign to replace an office printer and it’s why new machines such as a Brother laser printer or Toshiba multifunction devices focus on cleaning and maintenance to improve the life of the product.

Helping the environment

With the carbon footprint and energy efficiency a focus for many businesses, it’s important your printer of choice allows you to meet those goals. Whether it’s using less toner or paper, focusing on printing predominantly in black and white, upgrading to multifunction devices which allow for double sided printing and ensuring devices have sleep modes, all of these steps can help drive savings for your business and have environmental benefits.

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